Our very first online gardenplanner opened in 2015.
We designed, developed and published our online garden planner platform
according to the motto

'put something on the head.'

We love it when we can provide our customers with their online garden planner.

We are suppliers of IT services, comprising a group of freelance IT specialists (graduate computer scientist, graduate mathematician) with many years of professional experience in the implementation of IT projects.

The idea of developing a vegetable garden planning application developed from a wish to optimise the planning of our gardens which we did manually each year using Excel and/or on paper.
The practical experience of growing vegetables in harmony with nature helped us to visualise the online garden planner from the point of view of a keen gardener.
We still have a lot of ideas which we would like to implement.

Of course we look forward to your suggestions and would be grateful for any constructive criticism.

Your garden planning team

 Baumbluete vom Krystyna Mader

Our Team

  • Bernd Morgenyer
    Bernd Morgeneyer Founder, Programmer, Support
  •  Krystyna Mader
    Krystyna Mader Founder, Designer, Product Managerr